Lasani Express Train Ticket Price Schedule & Online Booking 2024

Here in this post, we will provide complete details about Lasani Express Train Ticket Price Schedule and online Booking. The Lasani Express is an intercity rail service and it is a passenger train that runs from Lahore Junction to Sialkot daily. The train is operated by the Pakistan Railways and they are the owner of the Lasani Express.

The Lasani Express gets its name from the renowned Sufi saint Peer Syed Jama’at Ali Shah-e-Lasani of Ali Pur Sayyedan Sharif Narowal. This train embarks on a journey along the Karachi to Peshawar railway route, passing through Shahdara Bagh to Chak Amru Branch, and traversing the Wazirabad to Narowal railway line.

Lasani Express Train Stations and Stops:

The Pakistan Railway has given the Lasani Express the 125 UP number that runs from Lahore to Sialkot and the 126 DN number that runs from Sialkot to Lahore. The train start its journey from the Lahore Junction and taking its stops at Shahdara Bagh Junction, Kala Khatai, Narang, Mehta Suja, Baddomalhi, Raya Khas, Pejowali, Narowal Junction, Domala, Qila Sobha Singh, Pasrur, Chawinda, and Gunna Kalan and then reaches to its destination Sialkot Junction.

Lasani Express Train Ticket Price

The Lasani train began its trip from Sialkot Junction at 4:20 in the morning and arrived at Lahore Junction at 3:15 in the afternoon. If you want to buy a ticket for the economy class, it will cost you 450 rupees. However, if you prefer the AC standard class, the ticket will be 870 rupees for the same journey from Sialkot to Lahore. The journey takes almost 11 hours, and the train provides different seating options based on the price you pay. The economy class is cheaper, while the AC standard class offers more comfort for a higher price.



The train covers a distance of 106 KM in approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete its journey.

Lasani Express Train Ticket Price Schedule & Online Booking 2024


The Lasani Express train provides budget-friendly seating options for passengers. Within the train, there is a dedicated area with separate seats, and these seats have the flexibility to transform into beds, allowing passengers to comfortably rest and sleep during their journey.

Lasani Express Schedule:

Stop NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Lahore JunctionStart15:45
Shahdara Bagh Jn16:0016:03
Kala Khatai16:3216:36
Mehta Suja17:0517:07
Raya Khas17:3917:40
Narowal Jn18:0518:11
Kila Sobha Singh18:3518:36
Gunna Kalan19:2919:31
Sialkot Jn19:50End

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