No Increase in Salary and Pension For Government Employees

Presently, the nation of Pakistan finds itself ensnared in intricate economic circumstances of a challenging nature. The entirety of extant economic strategies within the confines of Pakistan’s economic landscape is subject to the pervasive influence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In a momentous juncture, the governmental authorities have unequivocally affirmed their determination to eschew … Read more

Punjab Government Granted 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance for civil servants

All government employees in Punjab have received up to a 35 percent ad hoc hardship allowance. A notification issued by Finance Division said, “In continuation of this Department’s earlier Notification of even number dated 18.07.2023, the Governor of Punjab has been pleased to revise the rate of Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 to all the Civil Servants … Read more

Seniority of Junior Clerks Promotion Against 20% Reserve Quota

On July 11, 2023, the Services and General Administration Department of the Government of the Punjab released a notification in connection with recommendations for fixing the seniority of junior clerks promoted against the 20% Reserve Quota. The specifics are as follows: The Secretary of Government of Punjab Higher Education receives a notification from the S&GAD … Read more