Lahore To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price 2024

Here in this post, we provide complete details related to the Lahore To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price for the year 2024. Numerous trains travel from Lahore to Bahawalpur daily. The trains are known by different names such as Allama Iqbal Express, Awam Express, Farid Express, Karachi Express, Khyber Mail, Shalimar Express, Pak Business Express, Green Line, Shalimar Express, Akbar Express, Shah Hussain Express, Jaffar Express, and Tezgam Express.

All the above-mentioned trains are managed by the Pakistan Railway Ministry. All these trains have Economy class seats, Economy Birth, Air conditioned class, AC Business, A.C Standard, A.C Lower, and A.C Sleeper class. The ticket price for each of these train classes is mentioned below.

Lahore To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Akbar Express
Allama Iqbal Express1150/-1300/-
Awam Express1150/-1300/-1900/-
Fareed Express1150/-1300/-1790/-
Green Line1450/-1500/-3150/-
Jaffar Express1200/-1250/-2550/-1800/-3900/-
Karachi Express1700/-1250/-2550/-1800/-3700/-
Karakoram Express1300/-1350/-2750/-1850/-
Khyber Mail1350/-1250/-2400/-1700/-3500/-
Shah Hussain Exp1300/-1450/-2550/-1850/-4000/-
Pak Business Express1500/-1250/-2550/-1800/-3700/-
Shalimar Express1500/-1350/-2550/-1850/-4800/-

Lahore To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price 2024

Lahore To Bahawalpur Train Timings

Train NameDeparture TimeDestination Arrival Time
Akbar Express5:00 PM12:10 AM
Allama Iqbal Express12:00 PM7:05 PM
Awam Express6:55 PM2:35 AM
Tezgam1:50 PM8:46 PM
Shalimar Express6:00 AM12:42 PM
Pak Business Express3:30 PM9:16 PM
Khyber Mail7:50 AM3:50 PM
Karachi Express5:00 PM11:26 PM
Jaffar Express2:40 PM9:42 PM
Green Line8:35 PM1:40 AM

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