Allama Iqbal Express Train Ticket Price Schedule Online Booking 2024

We are back with the Allama Iqbal Express Train Ticket Price. Here Schedule as well as Online Booking details are available. Allama Iqbal Express is an intercity rail service and it is a passenger train that runs from Karachi to Sialkot daily.

The Allama Iqbal Express is a train operated by Pakistan Railway, serving passengers since 1985. This train is named after Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, a famous Pakistani poet, as a tribute to his legacy. It travels a vast route, connecting Karachi to Peshawar, with stops at various stations like Shahdara Bagh to Chak Amru Branch and the Wazirabad to Narowal line. The train has been an integral part of the extensive railway network in Pakistan, providing transportation and commemorating the cultural and literary contributions of Dr. Iqbal. Passengers can enjoy the journey, exploring different regions along this significant railway route.

Allama Iqbal Trains Stations and Stops:

The Pakistan railway has given the Allama Iqbal Express 9 UP number that runs from Karachi to Sialkot and the 10 DN number that runs from Sialkot to Karachi. The train has a total 33 stops. The Allama Iqbal Express starts its journey from Karachi and takes its stops to Drigh Road, Lndhi, Kotri Junction, Hyderabad Junction, Tando Adam, Nawabshah, Bhiria Road, Mahrabpur, Rohri Junction, Ghotki, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanpur Junction, Bahawalpur, Dunyapur, Jahanian, Khanewal Junction, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Okara, Pattoki, Kot Radha Kishan, Raiwind Junction, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore Junction, Shahdara Bagh Junction, Narang, Baddomalhi, Narowal Junction, Qila Sobha Singh, Pasrur, Chawinda and then reaches to its destination Sialkot Junction.

Allama Iqbal Express Trains Ticket Price:

The cost of a ticket for the economy class on the Allama Iqbal Express train, traveling from Karachi to Sialkot, is 8,260 Rupees. If you opt for business class, the ticket price is 12,000 Rupees for the same journey. This means that for a more comfortable and premium travel experience, passengers can choose business class at a higher cost. It’s important to note that these prices apply specifically to the route between Karachi and Sialkot on the Allama Iqbal Express train service. So, depending on your preferences and budget, you have the option to select between the two classes for your journey.


The Allama Iqbal Express covers a distance of 1,362 approximately 25 hours and 30 minutes.


The Allama Iqbal Express has only the economy class compartments in it. The train consists of 16 economy-class compartments, a power van, and the one luggage van in it.

Allama Iqbal Express Train Ticket Price Schedule Online Booking

Allama Iqbal Express Schedule:

Karachi CantStart14:00
Drig Road14:1614:19
Landhi Junction14:3814:38
Kotri Jn16:2016:18
Hyderabad Junction16:3416:41
Tando Adam Jn17:3117:34
Nawabshah Jn18:1718:24
Mahrabpur Jn19:4919:52
Rohri Jn21:2321:45
Rahim Yar Khan00:0500:08
Khanpur Jn00:5401:00
Khanewal Jn04:4505:10
Mian Chanu05:4105:43
Kot Radha Kishn08;3008:31
Raiwind Jn09:1009:15
Kot Lakhpat09:4409:46
Lahore Jn10:2010:50
Shahdara Bagh Jn11:1711:19
Narowal Jn13:2113:25
Kila Sobha Singh13:4813:51
Sialkot Jn15:15End

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