Shalimar Express Train Fare Ticket Price & Timings 2024

Check all the details about the Shalimar Express Train from here. Check the Shalimar train schedule ticket price from here. The Shalimar Express train is a passenger train that is operated from Karachi to Lahore daily. The train covers a distance of 1,286 km in approximately 19 hours and 10 minutes to complete its journey. Shalimar train travels on the stretch of the Wazirabad-Narowal Branch line, Karachi-Peshawar Railway line, and Shahdara Bagh- Chak Amru Branch. The train was inaugurated in 1979. The Shalimar Express train is the first ever Air-Conditioned train on the Pakistan Railway. It is named after the historic (Shalimar Gardens) situated in Lahore. According to the numbers given by the Pakistan Railway Station, the Shalimar Express has 27 UP and 28 DN numbers.

Route of Shalimar Express Train

The Shalimar Express train numbers 27 UP and 28 DN that run from Karachi to Lahore and Lahore to Karachi on the main line from the Faisalabad route side takes it stops at Shorkot Cantt Jn, Khanewal Multan Cantt, Toba Tek Singh, Khanpur jn, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Ghotk, Rohri jn, Nawabshah jn, Hyderabad jn, Landhi jn and Drig Roa. It means both of the trains have a total of 14 stops on each side.

Classes of Shalimar Trains

The Shalimar Express train has provided the passengers with a total 3 types of classes

  • Economy class
  • AC lower
  • AC parlor

Shalimar Train Ticket Price

The cost of a ticket for a non-air-conditioned berth or seat ranges between 1200 and 1800 rupees, while the ticket price for an air-conditioned seat falls within the range of 1800 to 2800 rupees. It is important to note that ticket prices are subject to change, and they fluctuate based on different factors. Additionally, if you choose to make a booking for a journey from Karachi to Lahore, an extra charge of 500 rupees is applicable. This additional fee is specifically associated with booking in advance, providing passengers with the option to secure their seats ahead of time for a smoother travel experience.

Shalimar Express Train Fare Ticket Price & Timings 2024

Shalimar Train Karachi To Lahore Timings | Shalimar Train route

Stops NameArrivalDeparture
Karachi CantStart06:00 A.M
Hyderabad08:25 A.M08:35 A.M
Nawabshah09:45 P.M09:49 A.M
Rohri12:15 P.M12:30 P.M
Rahim Yar Khan02:35 P.M02:35 P.M
Khanpur Jn03:30 P.M03:35 P.M
Bahawalpur05:29 P.M05:30 P.M
Multan Cant06:55 P.M07:15 P.M
Khanewal07:56 P.M07:55 P.M
Shorkot Cantt08:49 P.M08:51 P.M
Toba Tek Singh09:235P.M09:30 P.M
Faisalabad10:25 P.M10:35 P.M

The Shalimar Express departure time from Karachi Cantt is 6:00 AM. While the train reached its destination at Faisalabad station at 10:35 PM.

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