Green Line Train

Check all the details about Green Line Train from here. Here green line train fare as well as schedule is available. The green line trains is a passenger train and is run from Karachi to Islamabad on daily basis and covers a number of stops of different cities between them. The train totally covers a distance of 1548 K.M. in approximately 22 hours to complete its journey. The train travelled on the Karachi-Peshawar railway track. Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the green line fast train on 15th May, 2015 from the Islamabad railway station. According to Pakistan railway station green line train has numbers 5 UP and 6 DN.

Route of Green Line Train

Green line express 5 UP that runs from Karachi- Islamabad has 7 stops while the 6 DN train has 8 stops that runs from Margala to Karachi. The train start its journey from Margala station at 3pm and reach to Karachi at 1 pm the next day. The train take it stops at Rohri, Bahawalpur, Khanewal, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Margala.

Facilities of Green Line Trains

  • 3 proper quality meals
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Provided with special lounges at the Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi stations
  • It has the fully equipped AC coaches
  • Mineral water
  • Newspaper
  • Neat and clean pillows and blanket
  • Toilets are clean

Green Line Trains Ticket Price

The train has different ticket price for different age groups. The price is 5000/Rs for adults that travelled from Karachi to Lahore and 3750/Rs for children’s (3-10yrs). The price is 5000/Rs for adults that travelled from Karachi to Islamabad and 4130/Rs for children’s (3-10yrs).

Green Line Trains Stations

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Karachi Cantt 22:00
Hyderabad Junction 00:10 00:15
Rohri Junction 03:55 04:15
Bahawalpur 08:48 08:50
Khanewal Junction 10:10 10:30
Lahore Junction 14:30 15:00
Chak Lala 19:10 19:12
Rawalpindi 19:20 19:40
Margala 20:00

Green Express 6 down Islamabad to Karachi Timings

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Margala 15:00
Rawalpindi 15:20 15:40
Chak Lala 15:49 15:51
Lahore Junction 19:50 20:20
Khanewal Junction 23:55 00:15
Bahawalpur 01:35 01:37
Rohri Jn 06:20 06:40
Hyderabad Junction 10:20 10:25
Drigh Road 12:31 12:33
Karachi Cantt 13:00
Train Karachi to Islamabad ticket price | Green Line Karachi To Islamabad | Green Line Ticket Price
Departure Destination Business Class Berth_Economy Class Economy Class
Karachi Islamabad 6650 2300 2200
Karachi Rawalpindi 6650 2300 2200
Karachi Lahore 6200 1950 1850
Karachi Khanewal 5150 1650 1550
Karachi Bahawalpur 4350 1500 1450
Karachi Rohri 2550 1000 950
Karachi Hyderabad 1300 500 500

Green lines Trains Karachi to Lahore Fare

Train Name Economy Seat Economy Birth A.C Business
Allama Iqbal Exp 2300/- 2400/- N/A
Awam Express 2300/- 2400/- N/A
Green Line 2850/- 2950/- 8200/-
Jinnah Express N/A N/A 8200/-
Karachi Express 2650/- 2750/- 4950/-
Karakoram Express 1850/- 1950/- 5450/-
Khyber Mail 1300/- 1400/- 4200/-
Shah Hussain Exp 1700/- 1800/- 5000/-
Pak Business Exp 1650/- 1750/- 4950/-
Shalimar Express 1700/- 1800/- 5000/-
Tezgam 1350/- 1450/- 4450/-

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