Lahore To Karachi Train Ticket Price 2024

Here in this post, we provide details about the Lahore To Karachi Train Ticket Price. Here are all the train schedules & Fares available. The names of the trains that travel between Lahore & Karachi are Allama Iqbal Express, Awam Express, Farid Express, Green Line, Karachi Express, Karakoram Express, Khyber Mail, Shah Hussain Express former Night Coach, Pak Business Express, Jinnah Express, Shalimar Express and Tezgam train run between Lahore to Karachi Daily.


Economy class seat, Economy birth, Air conditioned class, AC Business, A.C Standard, A.C Lower and A.C Sleeper. It offers quiet sleeping arrangements and separate seating areas. When you want to get soggy, you can turn the soggy passenger seat into a sleeping pad. All the trains have dining and catering environments and it is purely hygienic.

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Ticket prices for all trains | Lhr to Khi Train Ticket Price

Alama Iqbal 1500/- 1600 Awam Express 1500/- 1600/- — 3600 Green line 2400/- 2500/- 6550 Jinnah Express 2200/- 2300/- 5250 Karachi Express 1950- 2050/- 5200/- 3750/- 7300/- Karakorum Express 2050/- 2150/- 5400 Kyber mail 1500/- 1600/- 4450/- 3600/- 6700/- Shah Hussein 2000- 2100/- 5250/- 3850/- 7500/- Pak business experience 1950- 2050/- 5200/- 3750/- 7300/- Shalimar Express 1750/- 1850- 4700/- 3500/- 3650 Tezgam 1550/- 1650/- 4650/- 3750 rupees respectively. The Lahore To Karachi Train Ticket fares change from time to time.

Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price & Trains Departure Time

Train NameDeparture TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Business)Travel Duration
Green Line08:40 PMN/aN/aN/aRs. 5,83016 hours & 10 Minutes
Khyber Mail07:55 AMRs. 1,360Rs. 3,200Rs. 5,390Rs. 3,99022 hours & 20 Minutes
Awam Express06:50 PMRs. 1,360Rs. 3,200N/aN/a24 hours & 10 Minutes
Allama Iqbal Express12:05 PMRs. 1,360N/aN/aN/a20 hours & 10 Minutes
Karachi Express05:10 PMRs. 1,750Rs. 3,290Rs. 5,920Rs. 4,96018 hours & 10 Minutes
Shalimar Express06:10 AMRs. 1,630Rs. 3,090N/aRs. 3,47019 hours & 15 Minutes
Karakoram Express04:05 PMRs. 1,940N/aN/aRs. 5,50018 hours & 20 Minutes
Tezgam01:55 PMRs. 1,390Rs. 3,230Rs. 5,490Rs. 4,57020 hours & 15 Minutes
Pak Business Express03:40 PMRs. 1,800Rs. 3,360Rs. 3,460Rs. 4,86017 hours & 10 Minutes

The time when the Green Line train leaves Karachi Railway Station is 8:40 PM. The Khyber Mail train departs at 7:55 AM. If you’re looking to catch the Awam Express, it sets off from Karachi Cantt at 6:50 PM. As for the Allama Iqbal Express, it embarks on its journey from Karachi Cantt Railway Station at 12:05 PM.

Lahore To Karachi Train Ticket Price 2024

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