Shah Hussain Express Train Schedule Fare Online Booking

Here all the details about Shah Hussain Express Train are available. Check Schedule Fare & Online Booking details. Shah Hussain Express also known as a night coach express passenger train that travels from Karachi to Lahore on daily basis by the Pakistan Railways and the Shalimar Group. The Shah Hussain Express train runs on the Karachi to Peshawar railway line, Khanewal to Wazirabad railway line and the Shahdara Bagh to Sangla Hill branch line.

Shah Hussain Express Train Stations and Stops:

The Pakistan Railway has given the Shah Hussain train 43 UP number that travels from Karachi to Lahore and 44 DN that travels from Lahore to Karachi.  The Shah Hussain train total consist of 8 stops and it start its journey from Karachi via Hyderabad Junction, Rohri Junction, Bahawalpur, Multan Cantt, Khanewal Junction, Faisalabad and reaches to its destination Lahore.

Shah Hussain Train Ticket Price:

The Shah Hussain Express provides four different compartments facility with different ticket price which are as follows:

AC business class ticket price is 4,970/Rs

AC lower/standard ticket price is 3,550/Rs

AC sleeper ticket price is 6,350/Rs

Economy class ticket price is 1,790/RS for its berth and 1,690/RS for its seat.


The train covers a distance of 1,286 KM in approximately 18 hours.


The Shah Hussain Express mainly consists of the seven economy class compartments, 1 AC sleeper compartment, 2 AC lower compartments along with them the train also offer a dining compartment, a power van and a luggage van.

Shah Hussain Train Schedule:

Stop Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Karachi Cant Start 07:00 P.M
Hyderabad Jn 09:15 P.M 09:21 P.M
Rohri Jn 01:10 A.M 01:28 A.M
Bahawalpur 06:04 A.M 06:05 A.M
Multan Cant 07:254A.M 07:45 A.M
Khanewal 08:265A.M 08:28 A.M
Faisalabad 10:50 A.M 10:54 A.M
Lahore Jn 01:10 P.M End
Stop Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Lahore Jn Start 07:00 P.M
Faisalabad 09:00 P.M 09:05 P.M
Khanewal 11:32 P.M 11:34 P.M
Multan Cant 12:25 A.M 12:45 A.M
Bahawalpur 02:12 A.M 02:12 A.M
Rohri Jn 06:45 A.M 07:05 A.M
Hyderabad Jn 11:10 A.M 11:15 A.M
Landhi Jn 12:58 P.M 01:00 P.M
Karachi Cant 01:40 P.M End

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