Pakistan Railways Significantly Increases Fares For Freight Trains

Pakistan Railways (PR) has announced a significant 30-35% hike in freight train fares due to rising oil prices.

According to the details, PR has set fares for freight trains 501 Up and 502 Down running between Lahore Badami Station and Karachi from Rs.

Similarly, the fare for 503 Up and 504 Down running between Faisalabad and Karachi has been increased from Rs. Rs 173,765 to Rs 229,670.

In addition, freight train costs between Multan and Karachi also increased by Rs. From Rs 201,480 to Rs 265,950.

This decision infuriated the business community, which began sending parcels via road transport instead. Due to this, some freight trains were not operated from some stations including Multan.

Conversely, a spokesperson claims freight train fares are still considerably lower than road transport.

Previously, PR increased fares for two trains, Tezgam Express and Jafar Express, effective immediately.

According to the details, Tezgam’s economy class fares on the Rawalpindi-Karachi route have been raised from Rs. From Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,500 and Rawalpindi-Lahore route cost increased from Rs. to Rs. 3,500. 500 rupees to 950 rupees.

In addition, Pakistan Railways increased the ticket price of Jafar Express for the Rawalpindi-Quetta route from Rs.2,860 to Rs.3,700.

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