Pakistan Railways Raises Fares For Three Trains

Pakistan Railways has decided to demand the return of four trains from the private sector, while increasing fares on three trains.

Tezgam economy class ticket from Rawalpindi to Karachi increased from Rs2,000 to Rs3,500; Rawalpindi to Lahore increased from Rs500 to Rs950; Jafar Express from Rawalpindi to Quetta increased from Rs2.860 to Rs3 ,700.

Pakistan Railways has also recovered Maha Express, Bahauddin Zakaria Express, Farid Express and Bilal Express, which were handed over to the private sector. Preparations for this have begun.

Pakistan Railways suffered heavy losses as severe floods devastated the entire country and damaged much of the railway infrastructure. This brought rail service to a halt as inflation continued to rise nationwide. Therefore, in an effort to stem inflationary pressures, authorities have increased fares on various trains when services resume in October.

Pakistan Railways also plans to restore all closed sections of Balochistan. This not only generates revenue for the department, but also reduces congestion.

“This decision will not only make life easier for locals in the state, but will also boost business activity for small business owners,” said a railway ministry official.

He said Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq has also taken a keen interest in the issue and has asked officials from relevant ministries to draw up plans to restore the various sections to generate income in the province.

In response to questions, officials said Pakistan Railways will also begin rehabilitation work on 33 kilometers of track by replacing sleepers between the Quetta-Bostan and Quetta-Chaman sections.

“This route will not only facilitate passengers, but will also connect three major cities in the state,” he added.

He said Balochistan’s railway network mainly consists of the Quetta Division, which includes Dera Allah Yar Sibi Quetta, Quetta Chaman, Sibi Horst, Spezend Darbandin Taftan and Bostan Job, which have been operating for the past 15 years.

Two passenger trains, the Jaffer Express (40 inbound, 39 outbound) and the Chaman Passenger (349 inbound, 350 outbound), operate in Balochistan, but no station has been closed on the Quetta section in the last 15 years, officials said.

He said the total length of Balochistan’s railway line is 1,470.36 kilometers including the Bostan-Job section which has been closed.

“Most of the lines are over 100 years old, and technical speed limits have been imposed on certain sections due to delayed maintenance work and lack of resources,” he said, adding that regular maintenance of the line is I added that it is running with available resources.

To improve rail services in Balochistan, the department has taken several steps, including the approval of the PC-I line rehabilitation and the construction of another 100 km line between Ahmedwal Dalbadin on the Quetta-Taftan section. repairs, officials said.

Officials said restoration work is underway on the Nokundi Kohi-Taftan section of the Quetta-Taftan section and the 160.024-kilometer section of the Bostan-Chaman section of the Quetta-Chaman section.

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