Margalla Express Train Ticket Price Schedule 2024

Check online Margalla Express Train Ticket Price from here. Here Schedule as well as details about Online Booking is available. In Pakistan’s Margalla, there is a railway station. Five trains leave from Margalla Station for various places around the nation. The 5up Green Line, 6dn Green Line, 95up Special Train, and 96dn Special Train are among the well-known trains that leave from the station. Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains.

Margalla Express Train

The Margalla Express is a daily passenger train that operates between the cities of Lahore and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. This particular express train is known for its efficiency and speed in commuting passengers. According to statistics provided by Pakistan Railway, the Margalla Express completes the journey of 290 kilometers from Lahore to Rawalpindi and the return journey of 110 kilometers from Rawalpindi to Lahore in a total time of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

During its route, both the Margalla Express 110 DN (Down) and Margalla Express 109 Up (Up) make a combined total of six stops, providing convenient access to various locations along the way. The Margalla Express offers diverse travel options with classes available in Economy, AC Parlor, AC Business, and AC Standard. These different classes cater to passengers with varying preferences and requirements, ensuring a comfortable and flexible travel experience for all.

Margalla Express from Rawalpindi to Lahore:

Beginning on June 5, Pakistan Railways (PR) will run the Margalla Express train nonstop between Rawalpindi and Lahore. According to a representative of the Ministry of Railways, the Margalla Express ran three days a week before Pakistan Railways’ decision. He said that PR has adjusted the departure and arrival times of the Margalla Express, which will now leave and arrive from Lahore-Rawalpindi at the same times of 5:30 and 10:10, respectively. The Rawal Express’s schedule has also changed thanks to PR, and it will now be at 12:30 pm and 4:30 am, respectively, flights from Lahore-Rawalpindi simultaneously depart and arrive, he added. According to the official, PR has given Millat Express, which travels from Faisalabad to Karachi, and Iqbal Express, which travels from Sialkot to Karachi, a two-minute stoppage at Pid Eddan Railway Station.

Margalla Express Up Lahore To Rawalpindi Timings

Lahore JnStart05:30 A.M
Gujranwala06:26 A.M06:30 A.M
Wazirabad Jn06:51 A.M06:55 A.M
Gujrat07:10 A.M07:15 A.M
Chak Lala09:55 A.M09:13 A.M
Rawalpindi10:10 A.MEnd

Margalla Express Train Ticket Price Schedule 2024

Margalla Train Schedule

Train NameCodeArrivalDeparture
108DN Islamabad ExpressMargala to Lahore108DN17:20:00
5UP Green LineKarachi Cantt to Margala5UP20:05:00
6DN Green LineMargala to Karachi Cantt6DN15:05:00
95UP Special TrainKarachi Cantt to Margala95UP09:25:00
96DN Special TrainMargala to Karachi Cantt96DN22:10:00

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