Lahore To Dera Ghazi Khan Train Ticket Price 2024

Check online Lahore To Dera Ghazi Khan Train Ticket Price 2024 from here. Here all train fare details are available. Every single day, many trains leave Dera Ghazi Khan and travel to different parts of Pakistan, carrying both goods and people. If you want to know when these trains depart and arrive, you can check the latest timetable available at the Dera Ghazi Khan Railway station. This timetable contains information specifically about express passenger trains.

All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railway.

If you are considering a journey from Lahore to Dera Ghazi Khan via train, it would be beneficial for you to carefully go through the entirety of this post. In the following paragraphs, you will find comprehensive information encompassing various aspects of your travel, including ticket prices, train timings, details about the Economy class, and the fare list for the AC standard class.

To embark on your voyage, it is crucial to be well-informed about the intricacies of your travel plans. By delving into the details provided in this post, you will gain a deeper understanding of the costs associated with tickets, the schedules of the trains, and the amenities available in both the Economy and AC standard classes.

Understanding the nuances of your journey, such as the price of tickets, will enable you to make more informed decisions about your travel arrangements. This post aims to equip you with a comprehensive overview of the various aspects related to your train journey from Lahore to Dera Ghazi Khan. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carefully peruse the information provided in the subsequent sections to ensure a smooth and well-prepared travel experience.

Lahore To Dera Ghazi Khan Train Ticket Price 2024

Lahore To Dera Ghazi Khan Train Ticket Price & Timings 2024

Train NameDeparture TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Business)Destination Arrival Time
Akbar Express5:00 PMRs. 870N/aRs. 1,260N/a3:03 AM
Allama Iqbal Express12:00 PMRs. 890N/aN/aN/a9:43 PM
Awam Express6:55 PMRs. 890Rs. 1,730N/aN/a5:38 AM
Tezgam1:50 PMRs. 810Rs. 1,810Rs. 3,030Rs. 2,33011:17 PM
Shalimar Express6:00 AMRs. 870Rs. 1,740N/aN/a3:14 PM
Pak Business Express3:30 PMRs. 920Rs. 1,880N/aRs. 2,66011:38 PM
Khyber Mail7:50 AMRs. 890Rs. 1,730Rs. 3,030Rs. 2,2306:52 PM
Jaffar Express2:40 PMRs. 1,030Rs. 2,160Rs. 3,030Rs. 2,64012:01 AM

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