Khanewal to Lahore Train Timing Schedule & Online Booking 2024

Check online Khanewal to Lahore Train Timing for the year 2024 from here. A seamless journey between Khanewal and Lahore is largely dependent on the correct distribution of information regarding train timetables and ticket costs. As responsible service providers, we place a strong emphasis on accuracy and precision to give travelers precise information on the schedule and price of train trips between these two significant locations.

Khanewal to Lahore Trains List

  1. Akbar Express
  2. Allama Iqbal Express
  3. Awam Express
  4. Green Line Express
  5. Jinnah Express
  6. Karakoram Express
  7. Karachi Express
  8. Khyber Mail Express
  9. Pak Business Express
  10. Shah Hussain Express
  11. Shalimar Express
  12. Tezgam Express
  13. Musa Pak Express

Khanewal to Lahore Train Timing 2024

Khanewal to Lahore Train Timing 2024

Train NameDeparture Time Arrival TimeTravel Duration
Akbar Express05:0010:305 hours 30 minutes
Allama Iqbal Express06:5510:253 hours 30 minutes
Awam Express01:5006:404 hours 50 minutes
Green Line Express10:5014:153 hours 25 minutes
Jinnah Express03:3507:003 hours 25 minutes
Karakoram Express04:0508:504 hours 45 minutes
Karachi Express06:3010:253 hours 55 minutes
Khyber Mail Express14:3019:254 hours 55 minutes
Pak Business Express05:1509:103 hours 55 minutes
Shah Hussain Express08:3012:504 hours 20 minutes
Shalimar Express20:2501:154 hours 50 minutes
Tezgam Express08:2512:454 hours 20 minutes
Musa Pak Express16:4521:004 hours 15 minutes

Khanewal to Lahore Train Online Ticket Booking

Khanewal to Lahore Train Ticket Price

There are three ways for you to buy a train ticket from Multan to Khanewal. The first way is to use the phone service. You just have to call the railway hotline and tell them you want to reserve a seat. The second way is to go to the official website of Pakistan Railway. On the website, there is a page where you can fill out a form with all the information they ask for. After you complete the form, click on the button that says submit or reserve a seat to make sure your reservation is confirmed. The third way is to use the Easypaisa app to buy your ticket.

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