Karachi Express Train Timings Schedule & Online Booking 2024

Here all the details about Karachi Express Train Timings are available. Here Schedule and online Booking details are also available. The comfort of an economy class cabin is available to passengers on the KARACHI EXPRESS train. To ensure the well-being and convenience of travelers, the economy class seats on Karachi Express can be transformed into beds, providing a more comfortable resting experience during the journey. Furthermore, the train offers catering services to its passengers, ensuring that they have access to a variety of food options. The food and catering services provided by Karachi Express adhere to high standards of hygiene, prioritizing the health and safety of its customers. In addition to these services, the train features shops operated by local retailers, giving passengers the opportunity to purchase food items for their journey.

Karachi Express Train Timings

The Karachi Express average travel time from Karachi to Lahore is approximately 18 hours and 30 minutes. The Karachi Express arrives at Karachi Kant Station at 3:30 PM and departs Lahore Junction at 9:45 AM. Karachi Express has 11 major stations including Karachi Kant, Hyderabad Junction, Nawabshah Junction, Lori Junction, Hanewar Junction, Faisalabad Junction, and Lahore Junction.

Karachi Express Ticket Price

The ticket cost for the Karachi Express’s economy class seat is 2000 rupees; the cost for an economy berth is 2500 rupees; and the cost for an air-conditioned business class seat is 3000 rupees.

Karachi Express Train Timings Schedule & Online Booking 2024

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Train Numbers:

15UP (Karachi→Lahore) 16DN (Lahore→Karachi

Train Classes:

  • AC Business Class
  • Economy Class

Karachi Express Schedule Lahore To Karachi

Lahore Junction
Khanewal Junction21:0721:20
Rohri Junction03:1503:30
Hyderabad Junction08:2008:30
Drigh Road10:3010:40
Karachi Cant11:00End

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