HEC PM Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023

Public disclosure of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2023 registration criteria. Applications must be submitted online before June 20, 2023. Students can submit their online applications through the PM Youth Programme’s official website at https://laptop.pmyp.gov.pk.

The Prime Minister Youth Program’s laptop programs will once again be available, according to the Pakistani government. Each child who participates in this project will receive a laptop computer worth $16,000. The announcement was made by Shaza Fatima Khawaja, the prime minister’s special assistant for youth issues.

The Laptop Scheme, Ms. Shaza Fatima highlighted, will assist students in completing their projects online and give them the opportunity to explore the various online employment opportunities that are available globally.

In accordance with the chart below, students must be registered through December 31, 2022, but not earlier than the beginning of their particular program:

Degree NameDurationDate of AdmissionEnd Date
PhD5 Years31-Dec-1731-Dec-22
MS/ MPhil or Equivalent2 Years31-Dec-2031-Dec-22
MBA3.5 Years30-Jun-1931-Dec-22
MBA2.5 Years30-Jun-2031-Dec-22
MBA1.5 Years30-June-2131-Dec-22
Masters (16 years)2 Years31-Dec-2031-Dec-22
Undergraduate5 Years31-Dec-1731-Dec-22
Undergraduate4 Years31-Dec-1831-Dec-22


  • Students enrolled at any government postsecondary institutions that issue degrees, as well as institutions that are affiliated with those institutions.
  • students to whom the federal or provincial governments had previously donated a laptop.
    except for foreigners and students from the AJK.
  • Any additional students who satisfy the conditions for qualifying but are left out, as judged by the Technical/Steering Committee.
  • Any applicant who does not submit electronically or via the online application portal will not be taken into consideration.
  • It will also be determined at the time of delivery if a recipient qualifies for the laptop prize.
  • If a student cannot present the required papers and proof of their academic standing in respect to the information that qualified them for one, a laptop will not be supplied to them.
  • Anyone who was selected for the program left school before the computers were given out.

Laptop Distribution Criteria:

  • Laptops will be awarded purely on the basis of merit for each degree program (Ph.D., MS/M.Phil., and 16 Years of Education).
  • The laptop quota for each degree program will be determined, and the share will be determined based on the number of students enrolled in the university (i.e., university quota, campus quota, degree program quota, department quota, and years-wise distribution).
  • According to directives from the PM’s office, the Balochistan HEI’s quota has been fixed, and 14% (14,000 Laptops) will be distributed there. Recall that Balochistan’s accredited universities are only permitted to enroll students under this quota.
    The remaining 86,000 computers will be dispersed among public sector HEIs in accordance with their enrollment choices.

HEC PM Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023

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