Civic Agency Explores Proposal of Railway Extension in Islamabad

An application to extend the operation of the railway from Margallah Railway Station to Khayaban-e-Johar Bus Station at 9th Avenue is now being evaluated by the municipal organisation in Islamabad.

The plan emphasises the benefits of using the railway as a green form of transportation, highlighting its affordability, ability to carry more passengers, shorter journey time, and lower pollution levels as compared to using the road.

Additionally, initiatives are being made to improve the operational amenities at Margallah Railway Station and incorporate road transportation.

Additionally, work is being done to find a location for the main bus station.

Islamabad currently lacks a suitable bus terminal, which has led to the development of unauthorised intercity bus stations along IJP Road. These obstructions not only go against the city’s master plan, but they also don’t give passengers any comfort.

Margalla Avenue is being built to provide a bypass route for traffic heading from the city to Peshawar and the northern areas, connecting with GT Road, and to divide the urban area from the Margalla Hills.

An official announced that negotiations with a Chinese company are already under way in order to assess the plan for creating a cutting-edge Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in the federal capital.

To improve passenger convenience, the concept calls for linking Margallah Railway Station with the road system.

In addition, the proposal emphasises that the LRT project in Islamabad could handle 350–700 passengers at a time on each unit, accommodating 8,000–20,000 passengers per hour.

In addition, more routes have been found that link Rawalpindi and all of Islamabad.

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