Pakistan Railways Set To Restore Bahauddin Zakaria Express From June 1

The “Bahauddin Zakaria Express” train, which connects Multan and Karachi, was scheduled to resume service on June 1 thanks to Pakistan Railways, who desired to simplify travel for patrons and increase opportunities for nearby small business owners.

A department official told APP that “the railway track was seriously damaged in the flash floods generated by above-normal monsoon rains during the last year across the country, so the department had suspended the operation of Bahauddin Zakaria Express.”

According to him, the department had already notified the public that the train was being restored on the direction of Khawaja Saad Rafique, the minister of railways.

The official stated that the Bahauddin Zakaria Express would run between Multan and Karachi City. It will be restored nine months from now. The department used a variety of media outlets to promote the train’s return to service on the route.

The train’s two stops, Jungshahi and Jhimpir, will also be dropped from the present summer itinerary. He said that timing and schedule will be followed when the train was resumed.

In an effort to boost its self-sufficiency, the official claims that Pakistan Railways is getting ready to renovate two passenger trains to provide passengers with the greatest amenities and bring in more money.

He said that Khawaja Saad Rafique “has already issued instructions to the concerned officials to make all necessary preparations in this regard for improving Karachi-bound trains to assist the populace.

He claims that by upgrading trains like the Pak-Business Express and Karakoram Express in accordance with the design of the Green-Line Train, the department will see a boost in revenue.

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