Government taking steps to rehabilitate Pakistan Railway

The concerned parties have been ordered by Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to prioritize upgrading Railway Main Line One (ML-1).

He stated that ML-1 is the backbone of Pakistan Railways while presiding over a review meeting in Islamabad today about topics pertaining to Pakistan Railways.

The prime minister declared that Pakistan will eventually use its ports and railway network to offer commercial routes to other nations in the area. According to him, the government is prioritizing a number of actions for Pakistan Railways’ restoration.

The PML-N-led government’s initiatives in the areas of education, health, and communication, including the construction of motorways, are being used and benefited from, according to the Prime Minister.

He also praised Pakistan Railways officials for their efforts in repairing the rail network following the nation’s recent catastrophic flood.

The meeting was informed that the entire railway ticketing system has been digitalized, and that work is currently being done to digitalize the rest of the railway.

Government taking steps to rehabilitate Pakistan Railway

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