Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express Train Timings Fare Online Booking

If you are in search of Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express Train Timings. Then you are at right page. Here Fare & Online Booking details available. Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express is an intercity rail service. The train is an express passenger train that travels between Narowal and Lahore on daily basis.

The Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express train is operated and under the control of the management of the Pakistan Railways. The train run at the stretch of Karachi to Peshawar railway track, Shahdara Bagh to Chak Amru railway line. The Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express train is named after the famous Pakistani revolutionary and intellectual poet “Faiz Ahmad Faiz”. He is also among one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language. The Faiz Ahmad Faiz train firstly started its service in 2014.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express Train Stations and Stops:

The Pakistan Railway has given the Faiz Ahmad train the 209 UP number that travels from Lahore to Narowal and the 210 DN number that travels from Narowal to Lahore. The Faiz Ahmad Faiz train started its journey from Lahore Junction and taking its stop at Badami Bagh, Shahdara Bagh Junction, Srirampura, Kala Khatai, Narang, Mehta Suja, Baddomalhi, Raya Khas, and Pejowali and then reaches to its destination Narowal Junction.


The Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express covers a distance of 96 kilometers in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete its journey.


The Faiz Ahmad Faiz train provide its passengers with the service of Economy class compartments. The seat can be converted into the sleeping position for the facility of its passengers.

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Train Ticket Price Economy Class:

The Faiz Ahmad Faiz train ticket price for its economy class is 250/Rs.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express Timings:

Stop NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Lahore Junction
Badami Bagh19:2219:24
Shahdara Bagh
Kala Khatai20:0720:10
Mehta Suja20:3720:40
Raya Khas21:0521:08
Narowal Junction21:40End

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