Pakistan Railway Lost 500 Billion Rupees During Flood: CEO Railway

CEO of Railway MR. Farrukh Taimoor said that it looks like that are railway track is in the ocean at a number of cities.

The CEO of Railway MR. Farrukh Taimoor explained to the National Assembly Railway Committee about all the structural damage of Railway tracks. He said that approximately 500 billion rupees loss is suffered to railway.

He stated that the repairing teams has to face the flood at a number of sites while working. He also states that the Railway Department has not enough money at this time to pay the salaries to their workers.

In addition to this the CEO has also states that at the number of sites the interruption of trains has suffered a loss of almost 7 billion rupees. However, the Railway Department has not stop the overall operation and restart the remaining functional tracks.

Farrukh Hameed has said to the committee that the Pakistan Railway Peshawar Division is in work to import the coal from Afghanistan.

The chairperson of the committee MR. Hamid Hameed investigate about the future planning of the Railway in case of such a condition of climate. The chair person has also questioned that either the department is in touch for any international organization for the aid?

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