Chiniot to Lahore Train Timing Today & Ticket Price 2024

Check the online Chiniot to Lahore Train Timing from here. If you’re planning a journey from Chiniot to Lahore by train, it’s crucial to have information about the timings and facilities available. This article provides details on the Mianwali and Sargodha Express trains, including their schedules and seat categories.

Chiniot to Lahore Train Timing Mianwali Express

  • Lahore Jn: Departure at 21:10
  • Shahdara Bagh: Arrival at 21:23, Departure at 21:25
  • Qila Sheikhupura: Arrival at 21:51, Departure at 21:53
  • Sangla Hill: Arrival at 22:32, Departure at 22:34
  • Chiniot: Arrival at 23:30

Train Timing Sargodha Express

If you’re looking for alternative timings, the Sargodha Express is another reliable option. Here are the details:

  • Lahore Jn: Departure at 16:15
  • Shahdara Bagh Jn: Arrival at 16:31, Departure at 16:33
  • Qila Sheikhupura Jn: Arrival at 17:04, Departure at 17:06
  • Farooq Abad: Arrival at 17:20, Departure at 17:22
  • Bahalike: Arrival at 17:35, Departure at 17:36
  • Safdarabad: Arrival at 17:46, Departure at 17:48
  • Moman: Arrival at 17:59, Departure at 18:00
  • Sangla Hill Jn: Arrival at 18:09, Departure at 18:11
  • Dar Ul Ihsan: Arrival at 18:20, Departure at 18:21
  • Sahianwala: Arrival at 18:28, Departure at 18:30
  • Burj: Arrival at 18:46, Departure at 18:47
  • Chinot: Arrival at 19:05

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Chiniot to Lahore Train Ticket Price 2024

The Mianwali Express is a popular train route connecting Chiniot to Lahore. Below are the train timings and different seat categories available for passengers:

  1. Train Name: Mianwali Express
    • Economy Seat: 190/-
    • Economy Berth: 240/-
    • A.C Standard: 570/-

Final Words

Having the right information about train timings and seat categories ensures a smooth and comfortable journey from Chiniot to Lahore. Whether you choose the Mianwali or Sargodha Express, both options provide convenient travel for passengers. Make sure to plan accordingly and enjoy your train journey from Chiniot to Lahore.

Chiniot to Lahore Train Timing & Ticket Price 2024

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1. What are the seat categories available on Mianwali Express from Chiniot to Lahore?

  • Mianwali Express offers Economy Seats, Economy Berths, and A.C Standard seats.

2. When does the Mianwali Express depart from Lahore Jn for Chiniot?

  • The train departs from Lahore Jn at 21:10.

3. How long does it take for Mianwali Express to reach Chiniot from Lahore?

  • The journey from Lahore to Chiniot takes until 23:30.

4. What are the key stops on Sargodha Express from Lahore to Chiniot?

  • Important stops include Shahdara Bagh, Qila Sheikhupura, Farooq Abad, Safdarabad, Sangla Hill, and finally, Chiniot at 19:05.

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