Karachi To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price And Train Timings 2024

Check the online Karachi To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price from here. Traveling by train from Karachi to Bahawalpur offers a diverse and scenic journey spanning approximately 790 kilometers. Here, we’ll explore the train options available, their departure and arrival times, travel duration, ticket prices, and the facilities provided during the journey.

Karachi To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price

Numerous trains run from Lahore to Bahawalpur. The names of these trains are Allama Iqbal Express, Awam Express, Farid Express, Karachi Express, Millat Express, Khyber Mail, Pak Business Express, Pakistan Express, Green Line, Shalimar Express, Bahauddin Zakraya Express, Rehman Baba Express. Every train fare is different from other trains. The fares for the above-mentioned train are listed below in the table.

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Allama Iqbal Express1560 Rs.1650 Rs.4100 Rs.3350 Rs.5350 Rs.
Awam Express1555 Rs.1650 Rs.4300 Rs.3050 Rs.5750 Rs.
Bahauddin Zakaria Express1545 Rs.1650 Rs.4400 Rs.3050 Rs.6350 Rs.
Fareed Express1565 Rs.1650 Rs.5200 Rs.4350 Rs.6150 Rs.
Hazara Express1570 Rs.1650 Rs.3050 Rs.
Karachi Express2055 Rs.2150 Rs.4650 Rs.3400 Rs.6250 Rs.
Karakoram Express2065 Rs.2150 Rs.4650 Rs.3400 Rs.5350 Rs.
Khyber Mail1585 Rs.1650 Rs.4400 Rs.3050 Rs.6050 Rs.
Millat Express1585 Rs.1650 Rs.4420 Rs.3060 Rs.
Shah Hussain Express2055 Rs.2110 Rs.4680 Rs.3430 Rs.6250 Rs.
Pak Business Express2045 Rs.2140 Rs.4655 Rs.3420 Rs.6250 Rs.
Pakistan Express1585 Rs.1690 Rs.
Rehman Baba Express1595 Rs.1650 Rs.5205 Rs.4360 Rs.
Shalimar Express2045 Rs.2130 Rs.4655 Rs.3460 Rs.6250 Rs.
Sindh Express1535 Rs.1640 Rs.5205 Rs.4340 Rs.
Sir Syyed Express2025 Rs.2160 Rs.4655 Rs.3440 Rs.6250 Rs.
Tezgam Express2090 Rs.2180 Rs.4655 Rs.3450 Rs.6250 Rs.

Karachi To Bahawalpur Train Schedule

The departure and arrival times for different trains are mentioned below as well as the total time taken by the train to reach its destination.

  1. Allama Iqbal Express
    • Departure Time: 18:30
    • Arrival Time: 07:00
    • Travel Duration: 12 hours 42 minutes
  2. Awam Express
    • Departure Time: 07:00
    • Arrival Time: 22:40
    • Travel Duration: 15 hours 24 minutes
  3. Bahauddin Zakaria Express
    • Departure Time: 17:50
    • Arrival Time: 08:00
    • Travel Duration: 14 hours 30 minutes
  4. Fareed Express
    • Departure Time: 19:50
    • Arrival Time: 11:00
    • Travel Duration: 15 hours 30 minutes
  5. Hazara Express
    • Departure Time: 08:00
    • Arrival Time: 22:00
    • Travel Duration: 14 hours
  6. Karachi Express
    • Departure Time: 17:00
    • Arrival Time: 04:12
    • Travel Duration: 11 hours 10 minutes
  7. Karakoram Express
    • Departure Time: 15:00
    • Arrival Time: 02:07
    • Travel Duration: 11 hours 10 minutes
  8. Khyber Mail
    • Departure Time: 22:15
    • Arrival Time: 11:20
    • Travel Duration: 13 hours 10 minutes
  9. Millat Express
    • Departure Time: 17:30
    • Arrival Time: 05:42
    • Travel Duration: 12 hours 10 minutes
  10. Shah Hussain Express
    • Departure Time: 07:30
    • Arrival Time: 06:37
    • Travel Duration: 23 hours 4.2 minutes
  11. Pak Business Express
    • Departure Time: 16:00
    • Arrival Time: 03:15
    • Travel Duration: 11 hours 10 minutes
  12. Pakistan Express
    • Departure Time: 14:00
    • Arrival Time: 02:30
    • Travel Duration: 12 hours 18 minutes
  13. Rehman Baba Express
    • Departure Time: 10:00
    • Arrival Time: 22:23
    • Travel Duration: 12 hours 15 minutes
  14. Shalimar Express
    • Departure Time: 06:00
    • Arrival Time: 17:28
    • Travel Duration: 23 hours 20 minutes
  15. Sindh Express
    • Departure Time: 08:30
    • Arrival Time: 22:55
    • Travel Duration: 14 hours 15 minutes
  16. Sir Syyed Express
    • Departure Time: 21:00
    • Arrival Time: 08:17
    • Travel Duration: 11 hours 15 minutes
  17. Tezgam Express
    • Departure Time: 18:00
    • Arrival Time: 06:05
    • Travel Duration: 12 hours 10 minutes

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Karachi To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price And Train Timings 2024

Karachi To Bahawalpur Trains Facilities

The Ministry of Railways’ trains from Karachi to Bahawalpur are outfitted with several amenities to improve passenger comfort:

  • Tuck stores
  • LCD Televisions
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi access
  • Facilities for charging mobile devices
  • Pristine water for drinking


  1. What is the distance between Karachi and Bahawalpur by train?
    • The train journey from Karachi to Bahawalpur covers around 790 kilometers.
  2. How long does it take to travel from Karachi to Bahawalpur by train?
    • The travel time varies, but on average, it takes between 12 to 15 hours, depending on the train type and schedule.
  3. What facilities are available on trains from Karachi to Bahawalpur?
    • Tuck shops, free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, clean drinking water, cushions, blankets, and more are among the facilities provided by trains.
  4. How much do train tickets from Karachi to Bahawalpur cost?
    • Ticket prices vary by train and class, ranging from 1550 Rs. to 6250 Rs., depending on the chosen seat or berth type.

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