Bolan Express Train Timings Schedule Fares 2024

Check all the details about the Bolan Express Train from here. Check train Timings as well as Schedules & Fares from here. The Bolan Express is another historical and worthy part of Pakistan railways. Its historical importance and its root especially the main cities on its root make it more valuable for the passengers.

Bolan Express Train

This train, called the Bolan train, is managed and run by Pakistan Railways. It travels between Quetta and Karachi, passing through various cities like Kotri, Sehwan Sharif, Dadu, Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dera Allahyar, Dera Murad Jamali, Sibi, and Kolpu. Pakistan Railways is responsible for organizing and overseeing the operations of this train, ensuring a smooth journey for passengers between the two important cities. The train route covers multiple stops, providing transportation connections for people residing in these towns along the way.

Bolan Express Schedule

According to the schedule made by Pakistan Railways, this train number is 3 up from  Karachi to Quetta and 4 down from Quetta to Karachi. This train covers a distance of about 906 kilometers in a very short period of just 20 hours and 30 minutes by adjusting reasonable stops and staying in the main big city stations that come on its way. When it goes 3 up on its root from Karachi to Quetta it has 22 stops on its way and when it goes down 4 it approximately crosses 23 stops and stations that fall on its way on its root. This train has only economics class it in because in those areas the people who complete their travel by train prefer to travel in economic class only.

Bolan Express Train Timings Schedule Fares 2024

Bolan Mail Up Karachi To Quetta Timings

Stop NameArrivalDeparture
Karachi CityStart18:05
Karachi Cant18:1018:22
Drig Road18:3618:38
Landhi Jn18:5618:59
Kotri Jn20:5021:05
Sind University21:1721:19
Sehwan Sharif23:3023:35
Rehmani Nagar01:2901:36
Larkana Jn03:5004:00
Jacobabad Jn06:5007:00
Dera Allahyar07:1507:17
Dera Murad Jamali07:3807:40
Bakhtiarabad Domki08:4108:43
Sibi Jn10:2010:50

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