Upower 140 A New Bundle From Ufone 4G Is Introduced

Seven days are the validity period for UPower 140. All Ufone 4G customers can pick from four distinct alternatives, including All-In-One, Internet, and All Network Calling Bundles, thanks to the new offering, which aims to make things simple and convenient for them.

UPower 140 offers aggressive resources at the greatest pricing on the market to meet the always-growing demand for connectivity, whether it is for business, education, or enjoyment.

UPower 140 is designed to meet all call and data needs by providing users with additional data quota, minutes, high-speed internet, glitch-free calls, and a range of inexpensive bundles to select from. It focuses on keeping every student and low-income person connected to their loved ones.

Users of Ufone 4G can join the fun and enablement by dialing *1234# from their phone to subscribe to UPower 140, visiting any Ufone retailer, or using Ufone’s digital assets, such as the MyUfone App, UPaisa, Ufone website, or other digital apps.

By allowing users to select the calling, data, and SMS bundles that best suit their needs, Ufone 4G’s UPower is a reflection of the company’s long-standing dedication to enabling and empowering its consumers.

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