Two men detained in connection with Polish railway hacking

Two individuals were detained by Polish police on Sunday on suspicion of breaking into the national railroad’s communications network illegally, which disrupted traffic in various sections of the nation this weekend.

Tomasz Krupa, a police spokesperson in the eastern city of Bialystok, where the arrest took place, declared that “the two men arrested are Polish citizens.”

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The 24 and 29-year-old men were held in an apartment where police also recovered radio equipment.

The Polish PKP railway’s radio communication system was breached on Friday night close to the city of Szczecin in the northwest, resulting in the issuance of many stop signals that halted or delayed about 20 trains.

A few hours later, according to PKP, traffic resumed.

The attacks persisted on Saturday and Sunday in other regions of the nation, although they didn’t significantly affect transportation.

According to media sources, the signals included snippets of the Russian national anthem and a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Poland, a dependable partner of Ukraine, is important in the movement of Western weapons into the nation.

The nation’s internal security organization announced on Saturday that it was looking into the event.

“We are aware that attempts have been made to undermine the stability of the Polish state for a while. The Russian Federation has made such attempts in collaboration with Belarus, according to Stanislaw Zaryn, the deputy coordinator of special services, who spoke to the PAP news agency.

The attack “did not pose risks to the health or lives of passengers,” he continued.

Several mishaps, including two derailments, occurred on Polish rails over the week, although no one was wounded.

According to Zaryn, there is no proof connecting those instances to the hacking.

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