Train fares Increase after petrol price hike

Karachi: In light of the recent increase in gasoline prices, the Pakistan Railways implemented a fare adjustment for both passenger and freight trains on Wednesday.
As per the official declaration, the railway authorities have recently declared a 5 per cent surge in ticket prices for several categories of trains, including shuttle, passenger, express, and inter-city trains.

The revised train tariffs will be implemented starting from September 2 at midnight.

The occurrence follows a recent decision by the interim administration to raise the prices of petroleum goods by a maximum of Rs14 per litre.

The price of petrol has risen to Rs305.36 a litre, reflecting an increase of Rs14.9 per litre.

In the interim, there has been a notable escalation in the cost of high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs18.44 per litre, resulting in a new price of Rs311.84.

On August 16th, there was a significant increase in the price of petrol, with an increment of Rs17.50 per litre, resulting in a new price of Rs290.45. Additionally, the price of high-speed diesel also experienced an increase, reaching Rs293.40. Preceding this event, the federal government had implemented a price hike of Rs19.95 per litre for petrol on August 1st.

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