Shalamcheh-Basra Railway to Connects Iran to West Asia, Mediterranean: Roads Minister

Mehrdad Bazrpash stressed the attractive prospect that Iran will be linked to West Asia and the Mediterranean upon the completion of the Shalamcheh-Basra Railway project.

Iran had previously made the decision to independently fund the completion of the Shalamcheh-Basra Railway construction. However, due to the significant importance and strategic nature of this project for Iraq, the Iraqi government has granted approval for around $200 million in funding to initiate this railway project as a collaborative effort.

As per the agreement, Iraqi investors would undertake the construction of the railway, while Iran’s roads minister highlighted that Iran will be responsible for demining a 16-kilometer stretch of the train line.

In addition to his previous statements, Bazrpash highlighted the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and emphasized Iran’s significant efforts in facilitating the establishment of this vital transportation route.

The Minister of Roads stated that Iran has agreed to undertake the building operation of the South to North Corridor in collaboration with neighboring Iraq, following the establishment of an agreement with Russia over the construction of the Rasht-Astara Road.

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