Thal Express Train Ticket Price Schedule & Online Booking

Here in this post you will get complete information about Thal Express Train Ticket Price Schedule & Online Booking. The Thal Express is an intercity rail service. The train is an express passenger train that travels from Rawalpindi to Multan Cantt on daily basis. The Thal Express train is operated by the Pakistan Railways and also on the private collaboration. The superintendent of Railway Inamullah launched the Thal Express. The Thal Express train is a gift for the peoples living in the saraiki belt by the Pakistan Railways. The train provide the facilities to the peoples living in the areas of Golra, Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Attock, Mianwali, Bhakkar, Kot Addu and Muzaffargarh.

Thal Express Train Ticket Price:

The Thal Express train has different ticket price for its different compartments and are as follows:

The train ticket price for its Economy class seat is 600/Rs and for its berth is 700/Rs

The train ticket price for its AC standard is 1,350/Rs.

Thal Train Stations and Stops:

The Pakistan Railway has given the Thal Express train 129 UP number that travels from Multan to Rawalpindi and the 130 DN number that travels from Rawalpindi to Multan. The Thal Express train started its journey from Rawalpindi and taking it stops at Golra Sharif, Taxila Cantt, Wah, Hassan Abdal, Faqirabad, Attock City, Jhalar, Sulaimanabad, Basal, Domel, Jand, Jhamat, Chhab, Khatakabad, Injra, Makhad Road, Sohan Bridge, Massan, Daud Khel, Dher Ummid Ali, Pai Khel, Samandwala, Mian wali, Kundian, Alluwali, Piplan, Kallur Kot, Maibal, Shah Alam, Panj Giran, Darya Khan, Bhakkar, Behal, Karor, Dorata, Leiah, Kot Sultan, Ashanpur Ahp, Dera Dinpanah, Kot Adu, Sanawan, Mahmud Kot, Budh, Muzaffargarh, Sher Shah and then reaches to its destination Multan Cantt.


The Thal Express train covers a distance of 800Km in approximately 15 hours to complete its journey.


The Thal Express train provides the passengers with the facility of Economy class, AC compartments and a cargo compartment.

Thal Express Schedule:
Stop Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Multan Cant 08:00
Muzaffargarh 08:30 08:33
Kot Adu Jn 09:37 09:40
Leiah 10:30 10:33
Karor 10:58 11:01
Bhakkar 11:44 11:47
Darya Khan 12:15 12:18
Kallor Kot 13:36 13:39
Piplan 14:15 14:18
Kundian Jn 15:15 15:40
Mianwali 15:55 16:05
Pai Khel 16:21 16:23
Daud Khel 16:44 16:46
Injra 17:53 17:55
Chhab 18:13 18:15
Jand Jn 18:53 18:56
Basal 19:49 19:51
Attock City 20:40 20:46
Hassan Abdal 21:18 21:20
Taxila Cantt 21:38 21:41
Golra Sharif 22:00 22:03
Rawalpindi 22:20


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