Seniority of Junior Clerks Promotion Against 20% Reserve Quota

On July 11, 2023, the Services and General Administration Department of the Government of the Punjab released a notification in connection with recommendations for fixing the seniority of junior clerks promoted against the 20% Reserve Quota. The specifics are as follows:

The Secretary of Government of Punjab Higher Education receives a notification from the S&GAD Regulation Wing of the Punjabi government. The call for advice about the fixation of the Seniority of Junior Clerks is the major focus of the notification. These clerks are eligible for BPS-08 promotions and count towards the 20% reserve quota for class IV workers.

The responsible authority must provide guidance to the Promotion Committee regarding determining the seniority of qualified applicants. All BPS-01 through BPS-08 personnel who qualify for a promotion and fulfil the requirements and requirements for the promotion procedure. They are prepared for promotion, but they may use some guidance on how to fix the junior clerks’ seniority. They are appointed by the government based on a 20% reserve quota. in order to finish the promotion process and provide the staff with a new Basic Scale. The Secretary of the Government of Punjab HED is required to provide advice and recommendations to the section officer.

Determining the Seniority of Civil Servants (Class-IV)

After investigation and observation, the Section concludes that, pursuant to Section 7 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974, a civil servant’s seniority may be determined as of the date of regular appointment to the position or Cadre. The Punjab Civil Servant’s Appointment and Conditions of Services Rule of 1974, Rule #8, may be followed.

Eligibility for the Promotion to the Post of Junior Clerk BPS-11

According to Regulation Wing, S&GAD will release a notification on February 17, 2023, regarding this. All employees working in public departments in the Cadre under BPS-01 to BPS-08 are qualified for promotion to the position of junior clerk BPS-11 based on the information provided in this notification.

Seniority of Junior Clerks Promotion Against 20% Reserve Quota

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