Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KPK /Mileage Allowance

The Finance Department of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sent out a notification on July 11, 2023, about changes to the rates of travel allowance and mileage allowance starting on July 1, 2023. All workers from BPS-03 to BPS-22 can use these new rates of TA.

Amended / Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KP/ Mileage Allowance Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa changes the rates of mileage/traveling allowance. All people who work for the KPK local government can get this allowance. This payment can be claimed once a month, and the rates will change on July 1, 2023. Workers on BPS-03 to BPS-22 can get a trip allowance at a new rate.

New Rates of TA 2023

With the Finance Department’s approval, the KPK government sends out a new notice about the new TA rates.

From July 1, 2023, the new rates will be in place.

Sr.NoType of TravelingExisting Rates Per MileageNew Rates Per MileageDifference between old and New Rates
3.Public TransportRs.2.50Rs.3.75Rs.1.25

TA for Personal Conveyance Increase of Rs.5

The workers get TA when they do a special job that the government gave them to do. Some government workers use their own cars to get to where they are supposed to work. All workers have trouble getting to work because of how much petrol they use and how much it costs. To help them, the KPK government changes the TA per Mileage rates. Employees who are sent on special duty to far-flung places get something in return. The government has raised the TA from Rs.10 to Rs.15 per mile for people who drive their own cars or take taxis. The new rate is Rs.05 more than the old rate.

Rs.02 Increase in TA For Motorcycle or Scooter

Men who work for the government can ride a motorbike or scooter to their place of business. They’ll get more money from the new TA rate. Government raises TA rates for people who ride motorcycles or scooters. From Rs. 04 to Rs. Rs.02 per Mileage is the difference.

Rs.1.25 Increase in TA for Public Transport Users

Government workers may have to go outside of the city to do their jobs. They move by buses, vans and Hiace, which are all types of public transportation. Public transport is used by both men and women who work. They pay a lot for public transport to get to the special job place. So that these workers can get more money, the government raises the rates of trip pay per mile.

  • The old distance rate for public transport is Rs. 2.50/-.
  • After being changed, the new distance rate for public transport is rupees 3.75/- per mile. The government has raised the fuel rate by Rs.1.25.

Rs.01 Increase of TA for Bicycle Users

Some people who work for the government ride a bike to and from their home station. Before, they used to get Rs.02 per mile. But the KPK government raises this rate by Rs.1. The new price per mile is Rs.3/-.

Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KPK /Mileage Allowance

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