Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee 4 September 2023

The Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate today, September 4, 2023, is Rs. 81.44. This was the interbank rate at the start of today’s business day; it will fluctuate dependent on market demand for the foreign currency.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) publishes the closing exchange rate for Saudi Riyals to Pakistani Rupees at the end of each business day.

In contrast, the SAR to PKR exchange rate on the open market is typically a bit higher than the interbank rate offered by banks when purchasing foreign currency from customers. In addition, it should be noted that all incoming remittances to customer bank accounts are credited according to interbank rates.

The Saudi Riyal (SAR) rate is Rs. 81.44 per Pakistani Rupee (PKR) at the commencement of business on 4 September 2023. However, the post will be updated at the conclusion of each business day with the interbank closing exchange rate for Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee.

In addition, the Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee (PKR) closing interbank exchange rate in Pakistan Today on September 4, 2023 is provided in the table below (updated at the end of the business day). Additionally, the table also contains the appreciation or depreciation (in PKR) compared to the preceding day.

SAR to PKR Exchange Rate in Pakistan Today

DateExchange RateChange (PKR)
4 September 2023Rs. 81.44
1 September 2023Rs. 81.44

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