Rupees 4150 million Allocated For New Railway Division Projects In PSDP

Rupees 4150 million Allocated For New Railway Division Projects In PSDP

In a momentous step, the government has allotted a staggering sum of Rs. 4,150 million for new projects of the Railway Division under the Public Sector step Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2023–24.

The funding has been split amongst a number of essential initiatives, according to the official PSDP document. A notable allocation of Rs. 400 million is for the replacement of Track Machines, which will help modernise and improve the effectiveness of the train system. Furthermore, Rs. 200 million has been set up for the first phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project to upgrade the Main Line (ML-1) of Pakistan Railways and build a Dryport close to Havelian.

328 MBFRS (Mixed Broad Gauge Freight Rolling Stock) units will be upgraded from the Vacuum Brake system to the Air Brake system for a cost of Rs. 400 million in order to improve the braking system. A more dependable and effective network of freight transportation will result from this update, which will increase the rolling stock units’ performance and safety.

Additionally, the government has allotted Rs. 150 million for the building of the left guide bund of Shershah Railway Bridge No. 1 on the Shershah-Kundian line in the Multan Division. The goal of this investment is to increase the bridge’s structural stability and operation over the long term.

Government funds have been distributed with a strong emphasis on track safety.

The Sukkur Division’s Tando Adam-Rohri segment and Rohri-Khanpur section, respectively, require 1,000 million each for immediate track safety improvements. With these expenditures, important safety issues will be addressed, such as track upkeep and repairs, ensuring safe and dependable train operations in these areas. Further increasing the overall safety standards inside the railway network is the allocation of Rs. 200 million to implement an upgraded communication system in an effort to improve safety.

The construction of the Qasim Rail Freight Terminal at the Loadout Station in Karachi has been given a budget of Rs. 300 million as part of efforts to improve logistics and streamline operations. With the help of this project, shipping operations should be made more efficient and seamless.

Last but not least, Rs 500 million has been set aside for the restoration and refurbishment of cranes and track maintenance equipment that are still in use. With this expenditure, the government is demonstrating its dedication to safeguarding and enhancing the functionality of these vital track maintenance assets.

The significant amount of funding allocated for these brand-new railway projects demonstrates the government’s dedication to the growth and modernization of the railway industry. These expenditures are anticipated to encourage economic growth and advance environmentally friendly transportation in the nation while increasing efficiency, safety, and connection.

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