Green Line express train engine derails near ghotki

Green Line express train engine derails near ghotki

On Sunday morning, the engine driving the Green Line Express derailed close to Ghotki, narrowly escaping a catastrophic collision.

The tragedy happened when the Green Line Express train’s engine suddenly veered off the track while it was ascending from Karachi towards Rawalpindi.

Fortunately, despite the engine derailing, Fareed Express, which had stopped on the loop line to allow the Green Line Express to pass, was not hit.

There were no reported fatalities in the incident.

The Khyber Mail was delayed close to the Pano Aqil station as a result of the accident, which caused the Up track to be closed to all rail traffic.

The Fareed Express was immediately dispatched after the Down track was certified for use.

While a replacement engine is being sent to the train, a relief train assisted in removing the damaged engine from the Green Line train.

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