Rail service in southern Pakistan is partially restored

According to officials, there was a partial restoration of passenger rail service on Monday in southern Pakistan, following a train derailment in the area that resulted in the loss of at least 30 lives and several injuries. The bereaved families were conducting funeral ceremonies to commemorate the individuals who perished in the accident.

As per the statement provided by Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Qureshi, a medical professional at a healthcare facility located in the Nawabshah district of Sindh province, it has been reported that a total of 27 deceased individuals have been released to their respective families for the purpose of burial. However, there remain three remains that have yet to be positively identified.

A significant number of individuals who sustained injuries were still admitted to medical facilities, while the commencement of funeral ceremonies took place on Monday. The Minister of Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, stated that a team of engineers has initiated an investigation into the train disaster.

Regrettably, he informed the press that there is an insufficient allocation of cash to adequately sustain our deteriorating railway infrastructure, and it appears that yesterday’s train collision occurred as a consequence thereof.

The incident occurred on Sunday, wherein a derailment transpired near the Sarhari railway station, involving ten cars of the Hazara Express train. According to Baloch, the suspension of train travel is currently in effect, and ongoing work is being conducted on the main line.

On Monday, engineers were observed on local television stations engaged in the process of removing the railway track. According to Baloch, it has been communicated by engineers that the rail service would be completely reinstated today.

Following the occurrence of the accident, a considerable number of passengers expressed their dissatisfaction with the delay in the restoration of train operations between Karachi and the eastern Punjab region.

According to official sources, both military and paramilitary forces provided assistance to rescue personnel in extricating stranded people. The individuals with the most severe injuries were transferred to hospitals located at a considerable distance from the incident site, utilizing military helicopters, in order to receive enhanced medical care.

Train accidents in Pakistan frequently occur due to inadequate railway infrastructure and incompetence on the part of authorities.

In the year 2021, a tragic incident occurred in the Sindh province, specifically in the area of Ghotki, resulting in the loss of life for a minimum of 65 individuals. This unfortunate event involved a collision between two trains. The year 1990 witnessed a tragic incident in southern Pakistan, where a densely occupied passenger train collided with an immobile goods train, resulting in the unfortunate demise of 210 individuals. This calamity stands as the most severe railway catastrophe ever recorded in the history of the nation.

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