Pakistan earns US $935m from travel services

During the first eleven months of the fiscal year 2022–23, the nation made US $935.172 million by offering various travel services in different nations.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed that this is an increase of 86.99% when compared to the US $500.130 million worth of the same services offered during the comparable period of the previous fiscal year 2021–22.

Personal travel services increased by 86.48 percent over the examined period, from US $497.560 million in 2017 to US $927.872 million in July–May 2023.

Health-related spending increased by 33.02 percent to $4.190 million from $3.150 million in exports of personal services, and education-related spending increased by 3.64 percent from $10.170 million to $10.540 million.

According to PBS data, business service exports increased from US$ 2.570 million to US$ 7.300 million, representing an increase of 184.05%.

It is important to note that the country’s exports of services saw a growth of 2.78 percent during the fiscal year (2022-23) compared to the same period last year, it continued.

In comparison to the exports of US$ 7,102.35 million during the same period previous year, the exports of services were registered at US$ 7,300.13 million from July through June (2022-23).

The country’s imports fell by 38.04 percent, from $12,942,46 million in 2017 to $8,019.58 million in the time period under consideration.

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