PTA Records Over 14,000 Complaints In June

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) keeps track of thousands of complaints made against telecom service providers as of June 2023. The records show that in June 2003, PTA received 14,024 complaints about various telecom carriers and cellular operators. The most recent information reveals that 13,844 complaints, or 98.72% of them, have been settled.

a provider of telecommunications services in the networking sector that use telephony and data transmission services to transmit information electronically. According to official data, complaints were made explicitly about different telecom companies and cellular mobile operators (CMOs).
PTCL, wireless local loop, long-distance international operators, and internet service providers (ISPs) were also the targets of complaints in June, in addition to others.

The whole telecom subscriber base includes a significant portion of cellular mobile subscribers, who play an important role. The majority of complaints are about that specific piece. 13,359 complaints had been made against CMOs as of June, and 13,324 (99.74%) of those had been settled.

However, 133 complaints about basic telephone service were also received by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). According to PTA, 106 complaints had a resolution rate of 79.7% in June. Additionally, 512 complaints were made against ISPs, and 400 of those (or 78.13%) were resolved.

In the past, PTA has been the target of numerous complaints regarding cellular and telecom firms. The volume of data displayed demonstrates the performance of the telecom industry.

Telecom CompanyTotal Complaints ReceivedComplaints ResolvedResolved Percentage

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