Core valley line rail services set for disruption in August

As substantial work on the South Wales Metro continues throughout August, passengers on the Core Valley Line can expect delays and noise disruptions.

Merthyr Tydfil residents have been warned by TfW to expect “noisy” activity as engineers conduct “a significant amount of Metro preparation work” both during the day and at night.

Some line closures are expected to occur in August due to piling, track installation, vegetation control, and platform waterproofing.

TfW has warned travellers to double-check their routes before setting out, since much of the maintenance work will have to be done at night, when trains are not in service.

While work on the multimillion-pound South Wales Metro is being done, the leader of the Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council, Andrew Morgan, recently criticised TfW for providing unreliable rail replacement buses.

Some Merthyr Tydfil homeowners who live close to the train line have complained about the noise made by engineers working on the track at night and early in the morning.

Thomas Dafydd, a resident of Merthyr Tydfil, was quoted as saying, “There have been a few occasions now where I’ve been woken up at around midnight to the sound of banging and grating from engineers working on the line.”

It’s been a nightmare for the locals, but I’m sure the Metro will be wonderful once it’s completed. I’m relieved that the summer break has arrived so that my child won’t be as exhausted as she was during the school year.

We write to people along the railway line to let them know when we have potentially disruptive work going place for the South Wales Metro’, a representative for Transport for Wales said.

To prepare for the future, Metro is being constructed in Wales. It will be a cutting-edge, eco-friendly form of transportation, but there may be short-term disruptions to your plans as we construct it.

To keep things as quiet as possible, we’re trying to time the transformation work for off-peak hours. We’re facilitating transfers between trains and buses.

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