Pakistan Railways Resumes Services

Pakistan Railways has announced that it will resume operations of Hazara, Jaffar and Tezgam train in November as conditions on flood-damaged tracks have improved.Railroad tracks across Pakistan were badly damaged after a huge monsoon caused severe flooding.

Pakistan Railways took over management of Tezgam from a private operator, officials said. Tezgam, which runs between Karachi and Rawalpindi, will return to the route on November 1st (today).

Hazara Express:

The hazara express ran between Karachi and Havelian, resumed operations on 10 November.

Jafar Express:

Which ran between Peshawar and Mach, resume on 20 November.


Bookings for all three trains have started, according to a railroad spokesman. Affected department authorities have been instructed to make arrangements for train restoration and ticket bookings, according to the notice.After more than a month of destructive flooding, Pakistan Railways has announced it will resume train operations on the track between Lahore and Karachi from 2 October.


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