Pakistan Railways Receives 46 Wagons To Modernize Train Operations

Pakistan Railways received the first batch of about 46 of the 230 state-of-the-art high-speed rail cars from China, which not only modernized the railway operations but also generated increased revenue for the division.

The new carriages will be capable of running at 160 km/h while the current maximum speed limit for trains is around 120 km/h. These coaches will greatly improve rail service,” a Ministry of Railways official told APP.

Officials said modern coaches would improve the rail travel experience for 220 million people. “New Economy, AC Standard, AC Parlor carriages, baggage he van, brake he van arrived at Karachi port by ship,” he added.

He said that Pakistan Railways will start commercial trips from Karachi to Peshawar via Lori, Skakar, Bahawalpur, Hanewal, Lahore and Rawalpindi by conducting trial runs of new coaches on Main Line-I (ML-I). I said I will.

After receiving 46 Chinese Built-in Vehicles (CBUs), Pakistan Railways will soon start production of 184 similar vehicles at its auto plant in Islamabad with the help of its suppliers. Chinese engineers under the technology transfer agreement.

When asked, the official said Pakistan Railways signed a contract with China’s leading high-speed train manufacturer CRRC Tangshan Co Ltd in August 2021 to purchase 230 state-of-the-art high-speed rail cars.

He stated that the passenger trains include 80 economy and 80 standard cars with air conditioning, 30 lounge cars and others.

The production of 184 wagons in the country will be subject to a technology transfer project as the Chinese company will supply spare parts, raw materials and know-how for the wagons to be manufactured at Pakistan Railways’ wagon factory in Islamabad, he added.

He added that Pakistan signed another similar contract with a Chinese company to build 800 freight cars and 20 brake vans. will start manufacturing 620 modern freight vehicles at its Mughalpura workshop and Risalpur vehicle factory.

Officials said Pakistan Railways aims to improve operational systems and track conditions with new wagons and technology transfers.

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