Pakistan Railways directed to make Gwadar rail project’s PC-I

Islamabad: On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Maritime Affairs gathered to discuss an important railway connection plan that involves linking Gwadar Port with the ML-1 and Quetta regions.

During the meeting, the committee directed Pakistan Railways to quickly prepare the project’s PC-I, expecting it to be approved soon.

Officials shared detailed information about upcoming rail connections that aim to improve connectivity and promote development in the region.

The Senate’s Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs was informed about the multi-phased land acquisition plan for the project. Notably, the first phase has been completed, and the second phase is currently in progress, and expected to be completed soon. These rail connections are significant not only for Gwadar Port but also for the broader Pakistan Railways landscape, as they have the potential to contribute to development.

Pakistan Railways directed to make Gwadar rail project’s PC-I

Acknowledging the strategic importance of railway connectivity, the parliamentary panel unanimously supported the swift preparation of the project’s PC-1 by Pakistan Railways for subsequent approval.

The envisioned rail connections are expected to play a crucial role in facilitating trade and transportation, positioning Gwadar Port as a key hub in the national and international logistics network. As the project progresses, it is anticipated to significantly contribute to the economic growth and strategic importance of the Gwadar region and Pakistan as a whole.

The panel also received information about the Gwadar Port Master Plan and the current status of land acquisition by the Port Authority. The Master Plan, which primarily focuses on a multi-use area and port industrial zone, has made progress with the acquisition of 2,350 acres, while an additional 19,121 acres still need to be secured.

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