Pakistan Railway Generate 41 Billion Rupees In Six Months

In the initial half of the ongoing fiscal year 2023-24, Pakistan Railways managed to accumulate a total revenue of Rs41 billion, demonstrating resilience amid challenges such as monsoon-related floods and financial constraints. This marked a noteworthy growth compared to the same period in the preceding fiscal year (2022-23), where the department had generated Rs28 billion, indicating a substantial 46 percent increase in revenue.

Breaking down the figures, it was revealed that out of the total revenue of Rs41 billion, Rs24 billion was generated from passenger trains, Rs11 billion from the freight sector, and around Rs5.5 billion from other sectors within the department. Presently, Pakistan Railways operates 96 passenger trains, an increase from the previous year’s count of 86 trains. Similarly, the average number of freight trains operated rose from 3.75 in the previous year to seven in the current fiscal year.

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Addressing concerns about salary delays, the official assured that the matter has been resolved, with the commencement of the Mainline-I (ML-I) project expected to further streamline processes. In response to inflationary pressures, particularly rising fuel costs, Pakistan Railways has implemented fare increases for both passenger and freight segments, aiming to improve revenues in the coming months.

Pakistan Railway Generate 41 Billion Rupees In Six Months

Regarding safety measures, the official highlighted a strengthened focus on reducing passenger train accidents. Over the last three months, only six minor accidents occurred across the entire railway network, with no casualties reported. Notably, there were two accidents in September, none in October, and four in November, the latter attributed to effective measures taken by the department. The substantial decrease in accidents is attributed to ongoing efforts to minimize trespassing at unmanned level crossings and unauthorized locations.

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