Pakistan Railway suffered 525 billion Rupees losses

Pakistan Railways suffered Rs 525 billion in damage as a result of the worst ever flooding that left a third of the country submerged statement mentioned by Federal Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique from Lahore.

He said that everyone was working hard to restore rail operations, from workers to public relations clerks. He also said that by order of the Supreme Court, the territory of the railway lines has been digitized and PR collected 2.7 billion rupees, if SC allows the business will be up to 16 billion rupees to 17 billion rupees. Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has instructed railway officials to ensure trains depart and arrive on time.

Proposals For Improving Rail Revenue:

Presiding over a meeting in Lahore before the press conference, he also asked to present proposals for improving rail revenue. He also congratulated the officials on the successful start of passenger operations from Karachi. He said he was satisfied with the full capacity of the Rehman Baba and Khyber Mail Express once vessel operations were restored.

Options For Repairing Damage:

He also discussed different options for repairing damage to railway infrastructure caused by recent flooding. Federal Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique, for the convenience of the public, ordered the inauguration of two new trains on the Lahore-Rawalpindi-Lahore line.

Schedules of Trains:

The schedules of both trains have been announced. The first train will depart from Lahore at 7:30pm. and arrived in Rawalpindi at 23:55. stop at Chaklala then on to Gujarat. Similarly, Trains will depart from Rawalpindi at 7:30pm. and arrived in Lahore at 23:55.The second train will depart Lahore tomorrow, October 5th at 5am and reach Rawalpindi at 9:40am with stops at Gujranwala, Jeram and Chaklala. The train leaves Rawalpindi at 5am and reaches Lahore at 9:40am on the same route. His fleet consists of 2 AC Business Class Buggies, 2 AC Standard Class, 5 Economy Class and 1 Power Wagon.

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