Pakistan Railway Raises Fares by 2% due to Rising Fuel Prices

In response to the difficulties posed by the increasing costs of fuel, Pakistan Railways has recently implemented a modest increase in ticket prices for both mail and passenger trains, starting immediately. This adjustment is aimed at addressing the financial challenges associated with the rising prices of fuel to sustain the smooth operation of the railway services.

The railway management has officially announced a decision to slightly increase fares by two percent for all train services through an official notification. This proactive measure is taken in response to the recent rise in diesel prices within the country.

Pakistan Railway Raises Fares by 2% due to Rising Fuel Prices

Understanding the economic challenges caused by continuous increases in fuel prices, the administration emphasizes the importance of this fare adjustment to alleviate financial pressures on the railways. Through this strategic action, Pakistan Railways aims to maintain operational efficiency and uphold service excellence.

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This choice comes shortly after the caretaker federal government decided to raise petrol and diesel prices. Petrol prices have gone up by Rs2.73 per liter, reaching Rs275.62 per liter, while high-speed diesel prices have increased by Rs8.37 per liter, now standing at Rs288.33 per liter.

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