Musa Pak Express Train Timings Fare Multan Lahore & Online Booking

Check online Musa Pak Express Train Timings from here. Here Fare details from Multan to Lahore also available. Musa Pak Express is a passenger train operated daily by Pakistan Railways between Multan and Lahore. The train is named after the famous Sufi saint Said Abul Khasab his Muthapak, who lived in Multan from 1535 until 1592. Musa Pak Express is known as the fastest train from Multan Cantonment to Lahore Junction.

Musa Pak Express Train Timings and stops:

The train covers 312 kilometers (194 miles) and takes about 4 hours and 35 minutes to travel along the Karachi-Peshawar railway line. Pakistan Railways is the current owner and operator of the Musa Pak Express, which it claims has a total of five stops from Multan Cantonment to Lahore Junction. Musa Pak Express arrives at Multan Cantonment at 4:35 PM and departs Lahore Junction at 11:45 PM. Musa Pak Express has many stops such as Khanewal Junction Mian Channun Pattoki Rawind Junction Kot Lakhpat.


The train offers AC business class and economy accommodation. As for the Musa Pak Express train facilities, they are quite impressive. Musa Pak Express has a quiet sleeping arrangement along with separate seats. If you want to sleep, you can convert your seat into a sleeping position on the Musa Pak Express train. Musa Pak Express’ food and catering environment is purely hygienic and Musa Pak Express also has a local grocery store.

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Musa Pak Express Train Fare:

Ticket price from Musa Pak Express Multan Cantonment to Lahore Junction is Rs. 600 in economy class.

Musa Pak Express Train Schedule Multan To Lahore:
Stop NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Multan CantStart16:00
Khanewal Jn16:4416:46
Mian Channun17:1517:18
Raiwind Jn19:5720:00
Kot Lakhpat20:2520:26
Lahore Jn21:05End

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