Loadshedding Pakistan electricity shortfall reaches 6516MW

As the electricity deficit in Pakistan reached 6,516 megawatts, the length of load-shedding was raised to as much as ten hours.

According to reports, peak electricity demand was 28,000 MW, but supply was only 21,484 MW.

There are now 3,164 MW produced by nuclear power plants, 956 MW produced by government-owned thermal power plants, 8,900 MW produced by the private sector, 1,119 MW produced by wind power plants, and 120 MW produced by solar power plants.

In the meantime, the Met Office has warned that the next twelve hours will be extremely hot and humid across the country, with dust-raising and gusty winds more likely over plain areas.

Northeast Punjab, Islamabad, the Potohar region, Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, North/East Balochistan, and Kashmir should anticipate dust-thunderstorms and rain.

According to the report, the current heat wave is expected to dissipate throughout the predicted time frame.

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