Leasing of railway land to be made transparent

LAHORE: A significant meeting pertaining to the ongoing fiscal year was convened in the committee room, overseen by Divisional Superintendent Railway Lahore, Mr. M Hanif Gul. During the meeting, which was presided over by Deputy Divisional Superintendent Railways Imran Mashal and Deputy Director Property and Land Tauseef Zafar, a detailed strategy was formulated with the aim of generating an income of Rs2,000 million from the Land Department in the ongoing fiscal year.

During this event, the participants engaged in discussions regarding a range of proposals pertaining to generating revenue from the land sector. In addition to this, the meeting also involved the dissemination of specific instructions and directives to Assistant Executive Officers (AENs) and Inspectors of Weights and Measures (IOWs) with regard to achieving income goals set by the Land Department.

During this event, the DS Railway and Deputy DS Railway emphasized the importance of transparency in the auctioning of stores and leasing of other land. They also emphasized that all land within the Railway Lahore Division will be utilized in accordance with prevailing market rates. During the meeting, the review report of the previous fiscal year was discussed, highlighting the significant achievement of the Lahore Division under the leadership of DS Railway Muhammad Hanif Gul. It was reported that Lahore Division has made a remarkable milestone by generating an income of Rs1,100 million from Shuba Land during the aforementioned financial year.

The Lahore Division has achieved the distinction of being the inaugural division of Pakistan Railways to generate revenue exceeding Rs1,000 million from its land department during the previous fiscal year. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this year, the division will further augment its revenue by implementing efficacious land leasing policies, resulting in an estimated revenue of Rs2,000 million.

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