Lahore To Sargodha Train Timing 2024

Here in this article, we provide complete details related to Lahore To Sargodha Train Timing for the year 2023. Nine trains travel the entire nation out of Sargodha station.

The railway station operates various well-liked trains, such as the 12dn Hazara Express, 135up Chenab Express, 136dn Chenab Express, 147up Mianwali Express, 148dn Mianwali Express, 17up Millat Express, 18dn Millat Express, and 81up 1st Eidulfitr Special. Pakistan Railways is responsible for the management and operation of all these trains.

A Pakistani train is called the Sargodha Express. The Sargodha Express has the Pakistan Railway train numbers 124 Dn from Lahore to Sargodha and 123 Up from Sargodha to Lahore. The 108 K.M. journey by this train only takes about 4 hours to accomplish. The Sargodha Express has a total of 16 stops on both its routes, 123 Up and 124 DN. Additionally, the train offers a single class of seating, known as Economy class.

Lahore To Sargodha Train Timing

Stop NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Lahore Start16:15
Shahdara Bagh Jn16:3116:32
Qila Sheikhupura Jn17:0417:05
Farooq Abad17:2017:23
Sangla Hill Jn18:0918:12
Dar Ul Ihsan18:2018:23
Chenab Nagar19:1719:20
Shahinabad Jn20:1520:17
Sargodha Junction20:45End

The train commenced its voyage from Lahore Railway Station at 4:15 in the afternoon. After a duration of travel, the train successfully arrived at its final destination, Sargodha Junction, at 8:45 in the evening.

Railway Contact Details

Postal AddressIqbal Road, Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi
Contact Number+92519218515
Official Website

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