Lahore To Quetta Train Ticket Price 2024

You can find the Lahore To Quetta Train Ticket Price 2024 here. Explore the costs for different classes such as economy class, AC Business, AC Standard, and First Class sleeper.

Currently total 1 express passenger train runs between Lahore and Quetta daily which is the Jaffar Express. It is the fastest daily passenger train operated by Pakistan Railways between Lahore and Quetta.

Lahore To Quetta Train Ticket Price:

The price of a ticket for an economy seat on the express train is 1600 rupees. If you want an economy berth, it will cost you 1700 rupees. For a business class seat, the price goes up to 4520 rupees. Meanwhile, if you choose the AC standard class, the ticket costs 3550 rupees. For the AC sleeper class, which is more comfortable, the price is 5650 rupees. Each of these options offers different levels of comfort and amenities, so you can choose according to your budget and preference.

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It has economy class, AC Business, AC Standard, First Class sleeper, AC parlor, and Air-condition. When talking about Jaffar Express train facilities, it is very impressive that Jaffar Express offers quiet sleeping arrangements and independent seating arrangements. If you want to sleep, you can convert your seat on the Jaffar Express train into a sleepover. Jaffar Express’ food and catering environment is purely hygienic and Jaffar Express also has local food vendors.

Lahore To Quetta Train Ticket Price 2024

Lahore To Quetta Train Fare

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Akbar Express3850/-4250/-4750/-6200/-— (Non-A.C)
Jaffar Express3800/-4200/-4850/-6250/-7750/-

Akbar Express Fare Lahore To Quetta

The price of a ticket to ride the Akbar Express train from Lahore to Quetta is 3850 rupees. If you decide to opt for a more comfortable journey in the Ac business class, the fare goes up to 4750 rupees. For those seeking an even more lavish experience aboard the train, the Ac standard class ticket from Lahore to Quetta comes at a cost of 6200 rupees. Thus, depending on your preferences and budget, you have different options to choose from for your journey, each offering its own level of comfort and amenities for passengers.

Jaffar Express Fare Lahore To Quetta

Traveling from Lahore to Quetta on the Jaffar Express train can cost differently depending on the class you choose. If you opt for the regular ticket, called the AC Standard class, the fare is 6250 rupees. This class provides a higher level of comfort and amenities. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can go for the AC Business class, which costs 4850 rupees. This class offers a slightly lower level of comfort compared to the AC Standard class but still ensures a pleasant journey. Alternatively, if you’re fine with basic facilities, the regular ticket price is 3800 rupees. Thus, the ticket prices fluctuate based on the class you select, providing travelers with various options to suit their preferences and budget for the trip between Lahore and Quetta aboard the Jaffar Express train.

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