Lahore To Multan Train Timing 2024

Getting from Lahore to Multan has become easier and more convenient due to the efficient railway system in Pakistan. The train route from Lahore to Multan is well-liked by both residents and visitors, providing a comfortable and picturesque journey through the central region of Punjab.

One crucial element that plays a significant role in ensuring a smooth and trouble-free travel experience is having a precise and carefully organized timetable for train departures and arrivals. You can conveniently examine the train schedule for the journey from Lahore to Multan in the year 2024 by referring to the information provided on this webpage.

According to the most recent Pakistan Railways timetable, here are all of the train schedule details from Lahore to Multan. 10 express passenger trains run daily between Lahore and Multan as of now. Rain timings for all trains on the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable from Lahore to Multan. Trains traveling between Lahore and Multan are identified by their names.

From Lahore to Multan, there are several express trains: the Awam Express, Badar Express, Jaffar Express, Karachi Express, Khyber Mail, Musa Pak Express, Pak Business Express, Shah Hussain Express, Shalimar Express, and Tezgam Express. All classes of trains’ complete timetables, stop details, ticket costs, and tariff information. You may find out how long it took a train to get from Lahore to Multan by looking at the information on this page. On all weekdays, the time that trains leave the Lahore railway station and the times that they arrive at the Multan city railway station. You can use this page to find the best train for your trip from Lahore to Multan.

Popular Pakistani train travel runs from Lahore to Multan. On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10 trains are running between Lahore and Multan.

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The fastest train between Lahore and Multan is the Pak Business Express. Good trains to take to get from Lahore to Multan are Musa Pak Express and Shalimar Express. Each train has a unique schedule, and to view the ticket price, click on fare. You can purchase a train ticket at a railway station, or a railway ticket office, online through the Pakistan Railway website, or via the Pak Rail mobile app.

Lahore To Multan Train Timing 2024

Lahore To Multan Train Timing 2024

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Awam Express650/-800/-1250/-
Jaffar Express850/-800/-1650/-1350/-2250/-
Karachi Express950/-850/-1800/-1450/-2850/-
Khyber Mail650/-700/-1550/-1150/-2400/-
Musa Pak Express650/-700/-950/-800/-1200/- (Parlor)
Pak Business Express800/-950/-1700/-1250/-2950/-
Shah Hussain Exp700/-950/-1850/-1250/-2750/-
Shalimar Express650/-900/-1850/-1150/-1650/- (Parlor)

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