Lahore To Arifwala Train Ticket Price & Timing 2024

Here in this post, we provide complete details about the Lahore To Arifwala Train Ticket Price & Timing for the year 2024. Are you planning to Travel from Lahore to Arifwala by train? If yes then stay connected with us. Planning your journey just got easier with our comprehensive guide about Lahore To Arifwala train timings and fares.

This article is here to give you all the important information you require to have a trip that is easy and without any problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who likes to travel on a budget or if you prefer a more comfortable and luxurious experience; we have information that will be helpful to you.

Lahore to Arifwala Train Ticket Price:

When you want to travel by train, it’s important to know how much the tickets cost so you can plan your budget. Here are the prices for tickets in different classes on the Fareed Express.

  1. Economy Seat: Rs. 880/-
  2. Economy Berth: Rs. 970/-
  3. AC Lower: Rs. 1210/-
  4. AC Business: Rs. 1540/-

Lahore To Arifwala Train Ticket Price & Timing 2024

Train Timings:

To make your trip easier, here are the times when the train stops at each station from Lahore to Arifwala:

  1. Lahore Junction (Start): 06:00
  2. Walton: 06:18 – 06:19
  3. Kot Lakhpat: 06:27 – 06:30
  4. Raiwind Junction: 06:55 – 07:01
  5. Kasur Junction: 07:25 – 08:08
  6. Khudian Khas: 08:36 – 08:39
  7. Usmanwala: 08:50 – 08:53
  8. Kanganpur: 09:10 – 09:13
  9. Mandi Ahmad Abad: 09:36 – 09:38
  10. Basirpur: 10:05 – 10:07
  11. Haveli Wasawewala: 10:34 – 10:36
  12. Pakpattan: 11:14 – 11:30
  13. Murad Chishti: 11:50 – 11:52
  14. Arifwala: 12:00

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  1. What are the ticket prices for the Fareed Express from Lahore to Arifwala?
    • Ticket prices vary based on the class you choose: Economy Seat (Rs. 880), Economy Berth (Rs. 970), AC Lower (Rs. 1210), and AC Business (Rs. 1540).
  2. What time does the train depart from Lahore for Arifwala?
    • The train, starting from Lahore Junction, departs at 06:00.
  3. What are the stopovers between Lahore and Arifwala?
    • The train stops at various stations, including Walton, Kot Lakhpat, Raiwind Junction, Kasur Junction, and others. Check the schedule for the complete list.
  4. How long does the journey take from Lahore to Arifwala by train?
    • The journey duration varies based on the specific stops, but the train is scheduled to reach Arifwala at noon, starting from Lahore at 06:00.

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